My Top 10 Surf Spots in Ireland

As you can probably see from my blog I am interested in surfing, I used to surf  frequently before I started my masters. Have not been in the water since last August as I have had to sacrifice a lot of things I enjoy to do this course, but looking forward to getting back in the water this summer. So I decided to compile a list of my top 10 surf spots in Ireland. I have also surfed abroad in California, South Carolina and South West of France (All Photos from Google images)

1. Easkey Left (Sligo)


Left breaking over flat rocks, can surf at any tide

2. The Peak (Bundoran)


Flat rock, best surfed at low tide, short rights, longer lefts.

3. Tullan Strand (Donegal)


Beach Break , very consistent picks up the swell when other places don’t.

4. Carrowniskey (Mayo)( Surf here a lot)


Beach Break, needs a west swell to work

5. Rossnowlagh (Donegal)

20April 046

Beach Break,

6. Lahinch (Clare)


Beach and reef

7.  Mossies (Kerry)



8. Inch Reef (Kerry)



9. Strandhill (Sligo)



10. Brandon Bay (Kerry).


Beach Break


Hello World

Right guys this is my first blog post so take it easy on me, hopefully my posts will get better as time goes by.

So why am I blogging? This year I decided to go back to college to do a masters in Digital Marketing and as apart of my course I am required to start Blogging. Before this this I completed my undergraduate degree with the intention of finding work last year. That did not go to plan, with the way the economy is at the moment I really think you need a masters level qualification to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd. So here I am now.

The content of this blog will cover a range of different topics which are of interest to me like Rugby, Surfing and Digital Marketing and anything else that I interests me throughout the year.

So guys feel free to comment or make reccomendations on anything I post as I would love to get feedback. So on that note I will leave you with a video of the huge waves that smashed the West coast of Ireland over Halloween enjoy!!!.

Until next time