Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Beach Users!!

The other day I came across a very interesting article titled “Australia: Sharks Use Twitter To Warn Swimmers” which I thought was very interesting. Traditionally Sharks have been spotted by air and by boat  along Australia’s coasts but now this has gone digital. Scientists in Australia have tagged well over 300 different Sharks that patrol the waters.  There are beacons in the water and if a shark comes within 1 km of these it sends a signal to a computer which then sends a tweet. The tweet contains the species of the shark e.g Tiger or Great White, its size and the time it was last in the area. This is very useful for surfers, swimmers and beach users as they now can make informed decisions before entering the water. There is also the possibility of sending this message to a smart watch so that surfers or swimmers can act on this message while in the sea. This will hopefully reduce the amount of attacks that occur, as Western Australia is the worlds deadliest place for shark attacks.

If this is successful and reduces the amount of attacks, it may be used worldwide. It may also reduce the amount of sharks killed each year, because they come too close to our beaches. Its not their fault they come in contact with humans,  we are entering their habitat at our own risk. I can relate to this as I surf myself and have had an encounter with a Tiger Shark in South Carolina when I was a beach lifeguard one summer. Luckily I was not attacked, but if I was it would have been my fault as I knew there  were sharks in the water. I was surfing near a pier where people were fishing, it was dusk so prime time for sharks. The shark came within 3 meters of me, never have been so scared, slowly I turned around and paddled as quick as I could for the next wave and the safety of the beach.