My Masters Experience in Dublin City University (DCU)


As my masters in Digital Marketing is coming to an end I have decided to write a blog on my experience.  I must admit that this year has been the toughest year of my life,  it has been a year of growth, the experience has been enlightening and hopefully rewarding when I graduate next Autumn.

I assumed I would get a job when I finished my degree but unfortunately when I graduated the recession was still biting. Companies did not want to take on graduates unless they had experience and to obtain experience I applied for  internships, but I found the other candidates  I met at interview had their masters.  So in retrospect I wish I had gone straight into a masters after completing my undergraduate degree, but I suppose the year out gave me time to investigate what master courses interested me. In the beginning making that initial decision was very difficult as I  had a lot of doubts whether doing a masters was the right choice for me and also deciding which masters course would best fit my career path.  I  talked to a few friends who were doing masters at the time and they encouraged me to apply. I made an appointment to meet the course director to discuss the course, I was told the work content was  heavy, I  must admit that I underestimated how much work was involved and the tight deadlines.


If you are considering doing this masters in DCU you need to be 100% committed,  it is extremely challenging, you will have to be prepared to put your life on hold. Over the last year I  sacrificed going out with friends at the weekends, playing rugby and cutting back on my part-time job and at present I am not working.  There was a steady stream of assignments but there were occasions when there were overlaps and a few were due at the same time, that was when I really felt  under pressure. I found that  with class and individual assignments that I spent from 9am to 9pm in the college the majority of the time. Between September and Christmas of last year, I am not exaggerating when I say that I did more work then, than I had in the four years of my undergraduate degree. The experience of teamwork assignments was mostly positive, seeing how the different team members approached the different tasks and learning from one another. The POD (Personal Opportunities for Development) concept is interesting you must complete 40 PODS relating to 4 competencies you wish to develop and then write a portfolio of your learning.

I am afraid the 10th of June can’t come soon enough as this is when my last individual assignment, the portfolio is due,  hopefully I will get back to my life and have my weekends back. Over the summer I will complete a practicum in Digital Marketing with four other students, it is undertaken in conjunction with a business and hopefully they will benefit from our work.

This experience  has  been challenging and rewarding and has prepared me for life in business, where I will have expertise in digital marketing and hopefully I will be snapped up by a company and that all my sacrifices will have been worth it.

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